Niepoort (Vinhos) S.A.

Niepoort (Vinhos) S.A.

Niepoort (Vinhos) S.A.

We are an independent family business since 1842. Through five generations, the business passed successfully from one Niepoort to the next Niepoort and in most cases older and younger generation worked side by side for a long period. At this time, we are enthusiastically looking forward to the future sixth generation, anticipating close collaboration.

Niepoort's mission is to maintain its position of "niche player", continuing to produce distinctive ports and Douro wines, combining centuries-old tradition with innovation. This combination has come to include throughout our growth wines from two other regions that have contributed to marking out the Douro - Bairrada - Dão triangle.


The aroma has great complexity, with an earthy mineral character, black fruit aromas and spicy notes of black and green pepper.


The aroma is full of character with wild berry fruit aromas and dark plum and cherry notes, together with fresh herbaceous notes.


The palate is long and fresh with good structure supported by soft tannins, mineral notes involving fruit and contributing to a very long, intense lasting finish.


Great wine with an enormous character, Coche shows intense citric and mineral aromas with floral notes and great complexity.

Diálogo Branco

Citric coloured wine, with intense mineral character and strong citric aromas, peaches and white flower notes.

Diálogo Tinto

Great vivacity that emphasizes dried fruit flavors and extends the final.


This wine shows well the character of the Mencia grape variety, with spices, black pepper, cinnamon and ripe red fruit aromas.

Niepoort LBV

The wine can be enjoyed now, and will become more complex with further cellaring for a couple of decades.

Niepoort Tawny 10

Tawny in colour, with aromas of dried apricots and crystallized tangerine peel well integrated with a nutty character.

Niepoort Tawny 20

Brick red/brown appearance interspersed with Orange hues with good depth of colour.

Niepoort Tawny Colheita 1999

Brick red appearance with tinges of brick red and brown on the rim aroma of mellow old wood with a touch of dried apricots and subdued toffee.

Niepoort Tawny Colheita 2001

This is a dense wine, intense and fresh, high aromatic concentration, with notes of dried fruit, plums and apricots in a smoky veil, light and elegant.

Niepoort Vintage 2007

The Niepoort 2007 has benefited from a second winter to further close up its dense purple colour.


Omlet 2009 is very dark color, with black fruit aromas, balsamic and spicy notes of black pepper and cloves, very strong mineral character with earthy aromas.

Redoma Branco

The Redoma 2010 reveals an intense mineral character, combined with citric notes and white flowers.

Redoma Reserva Branco

Redoma Reserva, has intense citric and white flowers aromas with fresh mineral notes and great complexity.

Redoma Tinto 2009

On a dark color, it releases aromas of red and black fruit with notes plum and cherry.


Very complex, with mineral notes and intense citrus aromas of fresh grass, smoky notes and a light reducing character promising a long life in the bottle.


The palate is fresh and wide, with great depth, firm tannins supporting an elegant structure, with great acidity, promising a long bottle aging.


Very mineral, it has a very dark color, red and black fruit aromas and spicy notes of green pepper and black.

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