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Quinta do Soalheiro

Quinta do Soalheiro

The first Alvarinho in Melgaço. Quinta de Soalheiro, located in Melgaço (the most northern point of Portugal), is protected by a range of mountains that create conditions of rainfall, temperature and sunshine hours necessary for the best ripening of the Alvarinho grapes.

This very special microclimate led João Antonio Cerdeira to plant the first Alvarinho vine in 1974 and to create, in 1982, the first Alvarinho brand in Melgaço – "Soalheiro".


Citrus colour, aroma revels a Classic Alvarinho Soalheiro, intense and tropical with floral and mineral notes.

Soalheiro Reserva

Citrus colour, elegant and full flavour with oak notes, maintaining the freshness and fruit of Alvarinho grape.

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